Service is an integral part of spiritual formation. We want to make sure that we as a church are stewarding these opportunities wisely and investing in the lives of the people and needs God brings our way. To that end, we are proud to be affiliated with these local organizations:

Friends of Night People

Friends of the Night People (FONP) is a neighboring organization helping the homeless in our community. First Church members and friends volunteer to prepare and serve meals there when there is a fifth Wednesday in a month.

  • FONP serves 137,000 each year for homeless individuals

  • It is open 365 days a year

  • Medical services in partnership with the UB School of Medicine are offered twice monthly

  • Clothing, linens and, hygiene products are distributed to patrons

  • Showers, lockers and, laundry are available daily for those who need them.

Holiness Mennonite Congregation

Bridging denominational boundaries while respecting the faith traditions that lend unique character to communities is one of First Church’s abiding commitments. Beginning in 2018, First Church welcomed the Holiness Mennonite congregation of Congo and Burundi to hold worship services in our chapel on Sunday afternoons. Pastor Byaombe Swedy leads his flock's traditional Mennonite beliefs, rooted in his native Congo. The congregation is made up mostly of families with many children seeking to worship the Lord with a humble heart.

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