The winter weather has more people driving to church and parking may seem scarce to some.

Please remember that additional parking is available in the Gateway-Longview lot on Wadsworth Street Sunday mornings from 9:00 AM to 1:30 PM. (If the automatic gate is closed when exiting, simply pull up and the arm will lift.)

If you are parked on the ramp at Kleinhans, you must move by 12:30 PM.

Village Church’s lease allows them to park in the back third of the lot, leaving two-thirds of the  spaces for First Church attendees. Rama Salim (Security Coordinator) patrols the lot and enforces this agreement when he is not needed inside.

As always, carpooling and street parking on Pennsylvania, Porter and St. John’s free up spaces.

If you plan to attend worship and need to make special arrangements for parking, please contact Rama Salim Tuesday through Friday to coordinate.