Two hundred six years ago today, three children were baptized and the following 29 individuals made a profession of faith-- and the First Presbyterian Church of Buffalo was formed.


Louisa Callender, who went on to be Mrs. Ketchum

Charlotte Callender, who went on to be Mrs. Hamlin

Lydia Callendar, who went on the be Mrs. Wilcox


Original members:

Jabez B. Hyde

Rusha Hyde

Samuel Atkins

Anna Atkins

John J. Seely

Elizabeth Seely

Stephen Franklin

Sarah Franklin

Nathaniel Sill

Kesiah Holt

Sally Haddock

Nancy Harvey

Sophia Bull

Betsy Atkins

Amos Callender

Rebecca Callender

Comfort Landon

Esther Pratt

Jabez Goodell

Nancy Hall

Ruth Foster

Kesiah Cotton

Kesiah Sill

Nancy Mather

Henry Woodworth

Sophia Gillet

Mary Holbrook

Lois Curtiss

Sarah Hoisington